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A Swiss               Born in Brazil                Lives in Berlin

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This is my application for the Junior UX/UI Designer position at Project A

My Success story

Patrick Kluge Milani         Jr. UX / UI Designer

"Design is in my everyday, from the website I create to the books I read"

I have a bachelor in communication and advertisement that paved the way for me to further develop personal projects and working experience in the field. 


About Patrick

I was born in Brazil and since a child I was a creative mind trying to find ways to make things different. This pushed me to the advertisement world, where I got my bachelor and work experience in one of the biggest advertisement agencies in Brazil. After that, I decided to go back to Europe, to my Swiss family side. I soon found a job in Berlin in a fast-growing startup, where in just two years I was promoted twice to Team Lead. Which I much appreciated, but I missed the design world, something I worked all day on my free time, building websites and other projects that I managed to get viral with around 20K visitor per day. Now I am trying my chance at this opportunity to show once again how motivated and passionate I am. 

Looking for someone passionate and dedicated, hire me ;)

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Berlin Based

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