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A mobile concept 

Social media just for you

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Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 21.27.24.png

is the project vision

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Global internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes per day on social media. Looking at the lifes of others, liking the accomplishments of other, or just hoping your post is liked by enough people. This app propose a healthy approach to social media, your life is also worth your attention, scroll through your last trip videos like a tiktok feed, talk to yourself like a good friend would. 

are the challanges

  • Make the user value their life. 

  • Help the user find happiness within by collecting the good moments in life.

  • Bring awareness to compromise.

  • Make the presentation of the content appealing for the users


is the user flow

Currently, users are presented with a three click path to upload the content. A further reaserch is being put in place if there is lost in interest due to the extend of clicks and if it can be lowered to 2. 

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are the wire frames


Focused only on the issue.

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this is the lo-fi screen flow

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With the main goal of lowering the amount of clicks to reach the content. 

is the persona

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is a thinking out loud cognitive research

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Task 1: Ask user to upload a new question

Task 2: Ask user to watch his old memories

Task 3: Ask user to make a new memory folder

Task 4: Ask user to answer an old question. 

Task 5: Ask user to use the filter on the questions. 

Task 6: Ask user to use the filter in the memories.

are the Inisghts

  • The movement of scrolling through the memories felt very natural to users. The "Tik Tok" feed style is a good reference for new users. 

  • They felt confused on how to proceed when opening the app. A quick intro needs to be added or a movement reference to the next action. 

  • They were not sure what to ask themselves. This tool might be too subjective. 

  • They really liked the idea of a tiktok from their videos to remember good times. 

is the final product

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 10.43.08.png

The final product has a focus on organizing your videos and photos into a "Tik Tok" kind of interface. T​he conversation toll was discarded since it brought confusion on the usage of the app. In the future the app should develop further how to present the content of the user using AI to identify patterns and automatically categorizing. 

is the style guide

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are my learnings


Even though I really liked one of the features, I had to preference the insights from the research. This does not mean I fail by trying to implement this toll, but instead it means I have a bigger understanding and focus  on what this app really means to people. A place for them to give attention to their lives, to value themselves.