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A website about philosophy

PROJECT: Desolhar    //    ROLE: Everything    //    DURATION: Jan 2012 - Present

This website reached over 10,000 clicks in one day. 
This website went viral on Reddit multiple times. 



is the origin

10 years ago I decided to read philosophy chronologically, from the very first book to the very last, one after another. For me not to lose the content I was reading I started taking notes, after that it seemed safer to digitalize it. I then created this website to organize and manipulate the content from dozens of books. 


is the project vision

For most people, philosophy has a very heavy weight to its name, with complicated theories and lots and lots of books. The idea of this website has become to show a new approach to philosophy. Philosophy is not just theory, in my opinion it is a conversation happening between centuries, evolving with each brilliant mind that joins. This is shown on the website with different approaches. 

are the challanges

  • Make philosophy easier to understand 

  • Make users see philosophy first as a research subject and then as a conversation

  • Organize my notes in an easy-to-access way 

  • Make the presentation of the content appealing for the users



is the Kick off

This project has grown with me. At the beginning it was a place for me to reference when studying, it had a Wikipedia look to it and I did not ask myself how the user would experience it. After a while I started receiving feedback from hundreds of people that used my website, and slowly I put the effort where it was needed. I noticed that they valued originality in my selection of the notes and what I did with them. So I created two new pages, one where I organize my notes by topic and the other where I organize them as a critic for a specific philosopher. 

First Version

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The Wrong path phase

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The Present

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is a Framework

To better understand how to construct the core experience for Convene, I designed a user flow. This helped me focus more on the experience and needs of the user and less so on the details that I would solidify later on. It also allowed me to communicate the entries and exits more clearly so I would have a better understanding moving forward.

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is the Preliminary Wireframes

Without the UX knowledge*

At the beginning, I did not have Figma or others told to help me frame the flow of a user. So I worked a lot on Adobe Illustrator, my main work was concerning how to make the information less polluted and more accessible to the user and how to organize thousands of notes in a current way.

the style guide

I used a very minimalistic approach, using only desk materials as buttons to reference my working table. 


are my learning

With the feedback of many people that have used my website, I learned to understand a bit better my user and value design choices that I would have not considered if I did the website only for myself. There was one case for example of a professor that was using my website and because of his bad vision could not read the content very well, after a bit of research I learned the best kind of white to use as background for the text. Always put the user first.